Handbooks are a way to provide busy managers condensed information that is user-friendly and easily read. BOSSHANDBOOKS® uses an 8.5 x 11 format of approximately 40 pages that can be fitted readily into a briefcase to be read at leisure. They are suitable as text books in in-house training programs or handouts or resale in full-day workshops.


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Four additional handbooks are in various stages of development. They will be put into print as they become available. They are:

How to Create Productive Work Teams
In today’s workplace, teamwork is necessary, yet little is understood about what makes a work group a team. This work book examines group process and what it takes to create a fully functioning team. It will be based on the author’s experience and training in managing group process.

Workplace Conflict: Causes and Cures
This handbook will discuss how physical work space, community involvements, workplace interactions, and individual psychological issues can contribute to conflict. It will provide descriptions of more common conflicts, and offer suggestions to managers on how to resolve them.

Narcissistic Managers: How They Hurt the Bottom Line
Management is a magnet for people who have an exaggerated sense of their abilities, love to exert power over others, and know their thinking is the only possible approach. This handbook will help organizations understand and minimize the damage done by individuals exhibiting these traits.

The Making of a Manager
The first edition of The Making of a Manager was written in 2001. It is built around the Macek Management Checklist, a list of 20 core competencies needed by managers. It will explain the reasons why each skill is included in the list, how it can be identified, and what managers can do to increase their level of each skill.